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The RDS Dublin

The RDS Dublin is a prestigious and historic institution that aims to promote the cultural and economic development of Ireland.

Start dateEnd dateName
Friday 26 April 2024 Ideal Home Show
Tuesday 28 May 2024Wednesday 29 May 2024National Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Expo
Sunday 23 June 2024 Rammstein
Wednesday 14 August 2024Sunday 18 August 2024Dublin Horse Show
Thursday 29 August 2024 Pixies

The RDS Dublin hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as exhibitions, conferences, concerts, shows, and the famous Dublin Horse Show. The RDS Dublin also supports various initiatives and awards that recognise and reward excellence and innovation in Irish society.

The RDS Dublin is located in the Ballsbridge area of Dublin, which is about 17.5 km away from the Springfield Hotel Leixlip, close to the Leixlip (Confey) train station, which provides direct access to Dublin Connolly station in about 35 minutes. From there, you can take a tram, a taxi, or a walk to the RDS Dublin, which is on Merrion Road. Alternatively, you can take a bus from the hotel to the city centre in about 38 minutes, and then take another bus or a tram to the RDS Dublin.

The Dublin Horse Show

The Dublin Horse Show is a celebrated event that displays the best of Irish horse riding and culture. Every August, the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) grounds host the show, which draws in thousands of visitors from both Ireland and overseas. The show includes national and international show jumping contests, as well as different equestrian classes, such as showing, performance, and pony club. The show also provides a variety of entertainment and activities for everyone, such as live music, food and drink, shopping, and the famous Ladies’ Day, where the most stylish lady wins a prize. The Dublin Horse Show is a summer highlight and a tribute to Ireland’s love for the horse.

History of The RDS Dublin

It was founded in 1731 as the Royal Dublin Society, and since then it has been involved in various fields such as agriculture, arts, enterprise, equestrian, science and technology. A group of concerned Dublin citizens, including physicians, clergymen, and lawyers, established the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) to address Ireland’s economic and societal challenges. Initially focusing on agriculture, the RDS played a pivotal role in developing new farming techniques and introducing novel crops to the country. Additionally, the RDS fostered Irish industry, instrumentalizing the establishment of several key manufacturing enterprises.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the RDS emerged as a premier hub for scientific research. Its laboratory, among the first in Europe, made significant contributions to the fields of chemistry, physics, and natural history. The RDS also championed Irish education, establishing a network of schools and colleges.

The 20th century witnessed the RDS’s continued prominence in Irish culture and society. The Society’s annual Dublin Horse Show, one of the world’s most prestigious equestrian events, stands as a testament to its enduring influence. Moreover, the RDS’s exhibitions and lectures remain highly popular, attracting widespread acclaim. The Society also actively promotes Irish arts and heritage, supporting a multitude of artists and cultural organizations.

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